Friday, November 30, 2012

Presenting: Episode #2!

In mid-November, City Science Kids visited the Brooklyn Brine pickle factory in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.  We learned about the science of pickle-making (did you guess that was the theme of the episode?). Have a look at the video to learn all about pickle-making, too! And be sure to visit our friend Shamus, at his factory and online.

Pickle-making has a long history, world-wide and in New York City, where pickles were originally introduced by Dutch immigrants. Here are two photos from the New York Public Library archives of pickle vendors on Orchard Street in Manhattan, from about 1934. The Lower East Side "pickle district" once was home to about 80 pickle merchants!

Be sure to write in and tell us what YOU know about pickles. Does someone in your family make pickles? Do you have a favorite kind? Let us know!

Videography by Amy Sirot

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