Thursday, April 18, 2013

What's Up for May? Here's Comes a Clue!

Almost everyone LOVES French fries. And also donuts. And also all kinds of tasty stuff that gets deep-fried before we eat it. In fact, Americans love fried food so much that billions of gallons of cooking oil are used to make it for us every year. See that jug on the right in the photo? That's a gallon; now imagine BILLIONS of those. Every year. After the oil is used, it gets sent to landfills, where it hangs around pretty much forever; or it gets poured down the kitchen sink, where it gunks up the pipes. But here in Brooklyn, some people have got another—much, much better—idea about what to do with leftover cooking oil! In May, City Science Kids will tell you what that is. Meanwhile, tell us what creative, environmentally-friendly thing YOU would do with leftover cooking oil. 

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