Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Photo, Before We Take a Break!

City Science Kids will be taking a little break from video-making for summer. But be sure to check in with us once in a while! Because we'll be posting photos of the science we run into while we're having our school-break adventures. Like this one:

This is a special red-eyed cicada—the kind that hatches only once every 17 years! In Brooklyn, we waited and waited for the ground to get warm enough (about 64 degrees) for them to emerge onto our streets. We read reports of them swarming in droves all over Staten Island. And we even heard about a woman who had to travel to her mother's house in the South to help her clean up after the enormous cicada eruption in her town. But we never did see them in Brooklyn. 

However, last weekend, when we got to the city of Poughkeepsie, about and hour and a half north of Brooklyn, what should we find? This beautiful and weird specimen. It flew onto the porch of our house and sat around for a few minutes. Only the one cicada, and it didn't make a sound.

Happy trails to all of you science lovers this summer! Make sure to write in and tell us about any cool things you see out there on your travels!

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